Batman Arkham Knight E3 2014 Trailer Reveals Superman Appearance? Voice Actor Credits Confirms The Man Of Steel To Arrive In Gotham City!


Big news regarding the Batman: Arkham Knight front because the Man of Steel himself will appear on the game! Yes, Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance confirmed! And not only that, the secret identity of the Arkham Knight may have been revealed as well!

The IMDB page of long time Superman voice actor, George Newbern has been updated to include his credits in the Batman: Arkham Knight and guess who will he voice in the game? It’s Superman!

It has been speculated that there would be a small reference to Superman in Batman: Arkham Knight via radio reports of his exploits in Metropolis but this news confirms that the Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance will happen. Let’s hope Rocksteady makes him playable in challenge modes or what not.

Aside from the Batman: Arkham Knight Superman appearance confirmation, the Arkham Knight’s secret identity may have been confirmed as well!

It has been revealed that James Horan is the voice actor for the Arkham Knight and while he did portray the various henchmen in the game, there is one character that he consistently portrayed in the Arkham Franchise, Jack Ryder.

Jack Ryder has always been the reporter that always gets himself into trouble and Batman always has to save him but what if that was just a cover-up? What if he is actually the Arkham Knight?

Keep in mind that Batman is the real personality of Bruce Wayne and his Bruce Wayne persona is really just his “mask” could it be the same for Jack Ryder?

Jack Ryder never had a secret identity in the comics and his Arkham Knight persona ties-in directly with what Rocksteady said that Arkham Knight’s secret identity is made solely for the game.

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