Battle Realms 2 Lair Of The Lotus To Be Released Soon? Liquid Entertainment President Teases Fans With Newest Features! Two New Clans And Lotus Hero Confirmed!

Battle Realms 2 Release Date: President of Liquid Entertainment Ed Del Castillo revealed in a series of videos in YouTube that he has big plans in mind for the upcoming sequel of one of the most popular Real Time Strategy game, Battle Realms.

In this video, he revealed the story for Battle Realms 2 will be will take place after Kenji’s journey that was derived from the dragon path and deal with joining back to the main continent. He also revealed that the four original clans, Dragon, Serpent, Wolf, and Lotus clan will be back and there will also be two new playable clans, however, only one was revealed and they will be called the Hordlings.

Their appearance is shadow, specter-like creatures. Fans online have speculated that they will be the central antagonist of this installment.

There will also be new Zen Masters for each clan, and he also hinted that a black-haired Lotus will be introduced in the game! This could be a hint that the new protagonist will come from the Lotus clan and this might give Battle Realms players a better understanding towards the Lotus Clan, which was the antagonists on the first game and the expansion game, Winter of the Wolf that starred Wolf clan’s founder and leader, Grayback.

He also revealed that the game will support multiple languages in which the first game was a success.

The game will be published by Konami (after subsidising Ubisoft) and developed by Liquid Entertainment.

Check out Ed Del Castillo’s game teaser here:

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