Battlefield Hardline News Of Yet Another Leaked Footage; Sony Loosens Grip, With Exclusive Content Released Prior to E3

Is Visceral Games lax on dealing with leaks and unofficial Battlefield Hardline news?

A few cats have escaped the bag of secrets at Visceral. It previously admitted to a leak of gameplay footage, from a beta of the next Battlefield installment.

Execs admitted the leak was indeed taken from of the game, but six months earlier in development. In an expected turn of events, a new ten-minute leak recently came out, revealing more of the title’s actual gameplay.

Battlefield Hardline was confirmed as an actual game just last week, and the beta video offers a raw look on development. Though it’s yet to be confirmed, it’s also possible the leak is fan-made, even forged.

Solid Battlefield Hardline news is unlikely to surface, with E3 just around the corner. A beta leak, if legit, is unprecedented. It’s still a suggestion the game is being prepped for public test (


In related news, Sony will screen footage of its press conference at US movie theaters. A

user at NeoGAF received an email, notifying attendees of the screening they’ll receive codes for the game’s beta.

It’s likely Sony will unveil more details on the game at its press conference, even offer exclusive PlayStation content to boot. The beta footage is still viewable as of this writing, but is likely to be pulled off the posting sites soon.

Battlefield Hardline news of a beta demo builds hype for the title. The footage is tagged as the Omaha Demo, showcasing two new game modes and a map (“High Tension”).

The first video leak has since been pulled from circulation, but Visceral assures the official reveal is made at E3. The game is already available for pre-order for the PC.

The beta footage hints at a PlayStation 4 port, and it’s yet to be confirmed if the PC release coincides with the consoles. Battlefield Hardline news updates on cross-gen ports are likely to be announced at E3 next week (


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