Ben Affleck Batman Costume Revealed: Rumored Up-close Photo Of The Batsuit For ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Allegedly Leaked Online

Ben Affleck Batman costume revealed by Director Zack Snyder in a monochrome photo for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is rumoured to have leaked online. A post from a Twitter user named “The Dark Knight” showed a close-up snapshot of an alleged batsuit.

Previously, The Guardian reported that the caped crusader will return to a familiar blue, grey and yellow colour scheme, according to Kevin Smith.

According to Comic Book, Smith stated in his Hollywood Babble-On podcast that the suit he has seen bear similarity to outfit worn by the superhero in Frank Miller’s iconic The Dark Knight Returns comic book.

“As you may remember, I saw a photo of the Batsuit many months ago, and many people asked online, ‘Is that the picture you saw?’ No, that is a very cool picture, but that is not the picture I saw. They put it on a fake rooftop, and they lit it up. But it was in color, and you could see every piece of detail. So I’ve seen some people online go, ‘Why is this f***ing suit any different than the Chris Nolan Batsuit, it’s all one f***ing color.’ It’s like, ‘Dude, that’s a monochrome photo. You know what that means, one chrome. … That’s not a representation of what the suit looks like. So what the suit looks like, and I was always kind of keeping it quiet until they revealed it, but they’ve revealed it. And you can kind of see, and anybody that… you’ve seen some people take the picture and color it online. If you want to see what this f***ing suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight…it’s the exact f***ing outfit he’s wearing,” he said.

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is a sequel to last year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel and is scheduled for release by Warner Bros on May 2016.

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