Best iPhone Music Apps: Listen To Your Favorite Tracks, Discover Radio Stations Around The World, Play The Guitar, And More With These Cool Finds!

Listening to some great music could always save you from boredom and stress, but what if you’ve had enough of your own playlist? Good thing iPhone has a myriad number of third party apps which can help you do anything that is related to music without the bulge of a radio, guitar, or even a drum set.

Check out this list of the coolest iPhone Music Apps that we know so far:

Access your account on your device and listen to your favorite tracks. This app gives you personalized recommendations based on the music you listen to. You can also discover the trending artists and top tracks on a weekly basis, plus a list of popular music events near your place. Somehow similar to Pandora, lets you create a station from the current song or artists, get more information about the album through a single tap, share a station to a friend, bookmark songs and artists, and buy tracks from iTunes. And the best part? It’s free!

Often known as the greatest rival of Spotify, Pandora is a music streaming and automated recommendation service. However, this app is only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand due to licensing constraints. According to , Pandora is still better than Spotify when it comes to the discovery of new music through an algorithm called Music Genome Project.  It also has fewer ad interruptions and again, free!

Slacker is now starting to be a tough competitor of Pandora as it also gives users access to unlimited free music. It can stream music from millions of songs in its library, plus you can listen to more than 100 trusted radio stations, or even create your own custom station. According to reviews, one of its most outstanding advantages over other streaming services is its exceptional sound quality. Not to mention that it doesn’t cost a dime as well.

Missed the song title on the radio? Shazam helps you identify that song with other details by simply holding your iPhone near the speakers of the music player. It’s free as well!

Whether you’re up for some rock music or you’re more on the acoustic side, this app is a virtual guitar that lets strum strings and get the real guitar feeling.   Six different types of guitars are available such as the Classical Guitar, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, and more.  You may also add some effects like Chorus and Distortion, for only $0.99.

With uDrummer Lite, you no longer need a pair of drumsticks. Just tap the drums with your fingers and get to play three types of drum sounds with outstanding visual effects. This app also lets you play along while playing your own music on your device. Get it without paying a single cent!

Create your own music and melodies by simply touching and tapping on the screen. It features nine different mood settings, random mood shuffle, shake to clear, adjustable delay, etc. Also, try leaving this app on idle mode and it will automatically create compositions on its own while displaying creative visualizations. It is reasonably priced at $3.99.

What do you think of these apps? Do you still have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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