Beyonce And Jay Z Wedding Video A Showstopper Wednesday Night! ‘On The Run’ Tour Kicks Off Miami! Power Couple’s Marriage Going Strong Against Divorce And Spat Rumors?

Snippets of the Beyonce and Jay Z wedding video were shown to gaping fans Wednesday night, as the power couple kicks off their “On the Run” tour, Florida.

More than the music, Jay Z and Beyonce offered fans and audience something unexpected; a brief few seconds of their never-seen wedding footage. The couple is notoriously secretive about their personal lives, declining comments even with the recent incident with Solange and the divorce rumors.

The “On the Run” tour opened its US run June 25, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The first few moments of the performance was a show-stopper, as outtakes of their 2008 wedding was flashed on the big screen.

The top secret wedding was attended by a select 40 guests, who kept the entire affair under wraps for six years. Even Jay Z declined to comment when congratulated in interviews weeks after the supposed event, only confirming six months later.

The Beyonce and Jay Z wedding video revealed a traditional ceremony, with Beyonce in a white gown and Jay Z in a tux. The clip showed the couple walking down the aisle moments after exchanging their vows.

Notable are hints to the couple’s highly-speculated wedding ring “IV” tattoos. It’s reported both are obsessed with the number four. Their birthdays fall on the fourth day of the month (Jay Z on December and Beyonce on September), they were married on April 4, and a reference to the IV numeral is supposedly embedded in their daughter Blue Ivy’s name (


Rumors of their wedding spat were set aside for the moment, overwhelmed by the evening’s performances. The couple shared several songs, including “03 Bonnie and Clyde,” the collaborated single which supposedly sparked their relationship.

Fan footage of the reveal in this YouTube post:

An audience among the crowd commented on the Beyonce and Jay Z wedding video: “It was a sweet moment-Jay Z and Beyoncé were both facing the screen watching the Blue videos while they sang ‘Halo.’ It was like they were singing the song to their baby girl. The two of them were beaming, smiling watching their little girl on the screen.” (


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