Beyonce Vs. Daddy Mathew: Lawsuit Brewing Over Destiny’s Child Ownership?

Beyonce Vs. Daddy Mathew: Lawsuit Brewing Over Destiny's Child Ownership?

Beyonce Vs. Daddy Mathew: Lawsuit Brewing Over Destiny's Child Ownership?

Beyonce is reportedly bent on filing a lawsuit against his own father, Mathew, over the use of the name, Destiny’s Child.
According to In Touch Weekly , Beyonce could no longer take his daddy still manipulating her and the rest of the Destiny’s Child members for money.

“She’s ready to take action,” the alleged source told the tabloid. “Beyoncé is going to sue her own father. She’ll take him to court to show that she deserves the rights to her own band.”
Reportedly, Mathew drafted a contract that gives him total control over the use of Destiny’s Child and whatever music Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams produce under the name.
“She feels he basically stole the group and the [trademark] on Destiny’s Child,” it added. “Mathew wants a Destiny’s Child reunion so he can see another payday.”
“Up until this point, they have let him get away with it, but they want to perform Destiny’s Child music and make their fans happy – without Mathew making a profit,” the article claimed, adding that Beyonce never wanted to file a lawsuit against Daddy Mathew but he didn’t want to allow Jay Z’s wife to use the name in performances “unless he gets paid.”
“Mathew’s bracing himself for a massive lawsuit,” the source added. “Expect 2016 to be the year that Beyoncé takes control of her own destiny and watches the man who took advantage of her go down in flames.”
But Gossip Cop  insisted that the lawsuit story involving Beyonce and daddy Mathew was false.
“While the tale makes for great drama, it’s not based at all in reality,” it said. “A rep for Beyonce exclusively tells Gossip Cop there’s simply ‘no credibility’ to the tabloid’s story. This has been the case with numerous In Touch reports about the singer, including a recent one we corrected claiming she and Jay-Z were divorcing.”

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