“Big Man” Can’t Catch Up To “Doctor Stranger”

Big Man Can't Catch Up To "Doctor Stranger"
Big Man Can't Catch Up To "Doctor Stranger"


“Big Man” just can’t catch up. “Doctor Stranger” held first place on Tuesday night with a slight increase, while “Big Man,” having seen a recent surge in the ratings fell slightly.

“Doctor Stranger” held first place with an 11.5 percent viewer rating. That’s a 0.5 percent increase from Monday’s rating. “Big Man” dropped slightly to 10.7 percent from 10.4 percent. That’s still pretty close.

Lots happened on both programs this week. In “Doctor Stranger” Lee Jong Suk decides to take Park Hae Jin’s challenge to winning two out of three surgeries. The winner gets to operate on the prime minister’s heart. The whole notion of winning the chance to perform an operation on an elected official might seem odd to anyone who is not either of these characters. Lee Jong Suk agrees to the new odds because it will keep him out of jail. Park Hae Jin is motivated by a desire for revenge against the hospital. That castle he has constructed in his office is the physical result of years of rage.

And there’s a nice love square being formed. Park Hae Jin likes Kang So Ra’s character, although it’s hard to know if his feelings for her are also motivated by revenge. She is beginning to develop feelings for Lee Jong Suk’s character. He likes his North Korean love played by Jin Se Yeon.

On “Big Man,” Daniel Choi’s sociopathic dealings have cost him Lee Da Hee and may possibly doom his lifestyle. In his efforts to sabotage Kang Ji Hwan he targets his friends. To prove how twisted he is, he even says that he can’t understand why people bother forming alliances with each other. He’s sure he can break Kang Ji Hwan’s alliances. Fortunately, Kang Ji Hwan’s friends are pretty resilient.

“Triangle” remained in third place but jumped forward a year in the plot line. Kim Jaejoon’s character is out of jail and has teamed up with his oldest brother, played by Lee Bum Soo to foil the plans of his youngest brother, played by Im Si Wan, and his gangster partner. None of them know they are brothers yet and only one of them knows that Im Si Wan’s gangster partner murdered their father. The last few episodes should be full of revelations.

“Triangle” remained in third place this week with a steady 6.2 percent rating for both nights.

Will “Big Man” catch up to “Doctor Stranger?” The drama only has a week to go.

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