BIg Man” Daniel Choi Dies Without Saying Real Feelings

BIg Man" Daniel Choi Dies Without Saying Real Feelings
BIg Man" Daniel Choi Dies Without Saying Real Feelings

“Big Man” Daniel Choi ended with a heart failure and faced a sad ending.

On the last episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on June 17, Kim Ji Hyuk (played by Kang Ji Whan) succeeded in reported the scandal of Hyun Sung group to the world.

At this, the CEO of Hyun Sung Group Kang Sun gWOok (played by Um Hyo Sup) was arrested.  The heir Kang Dong Suk (played by Daneil Choi) also needed to be arrested but the heart condition started up again and they needed to be admitted to the hospital.

Then, Kang Dong Suk tried to escape when the police were not looking.  At this, So Mi Ra (played by Lee Da Hee) who was taking the car ended up heading home.  However, Kang Dong Suk didn’t meet Mi Ra.

Kang Dong Suk only looked at her over the fence and said, “The fact that Kim Ji Hyuk is right and the world that he dreams will come.  However, the world I live in and his world was different.  I just wanted to go in the direction of the world I lived in.  I don’t regret anything” he said.

Meanwhile, “Big Man” is a story about Kim Ji Hyuk who waske up to find that he is a son and heir of the chaebol group Hyun Sung as he goes through various accidents. He goes against people to keep the ones that he loves the most as he becomes a true leader and big man.

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