Big Man” Daniel Choi’s Legal Advisor Seat At Risk

Big Man" Daniel Choi's Legal Advisor Seat At Risk
Big Man" Daniel Choi's Legal Advisor Seat At Risk

Actress Lee Da Hee started to feel a lot of disgust towards the Hyun Sung group and vowed to get revenge.

On the 12 episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on June 3, Kang Dong Suk (played by Daniel Choi)’s fiancée So Mi Ra (played by Lee Da Haee) cried in front of her father’s grave.  He then vowed to get revenge over him.  He dreamt endlessly about revenge and when this was done, he thought of his father’s past life.

Mi Ra had learned about the fact that there was an extortion charge involved with his father.  Her father had died because the company had made it seem like he had extorted a large amount of money.

At this, Mi Ra went to her father’s grave and said, “I’m sorry that I hated you for a little bit, I’m sorry” and started to shed tears of apologies.  At this, he poured out tears saying, “I’m not going to forgive.”

Meanwhile, on this day, Mi Ra decided to separate from Kang Dong Suk but didn’t show this on the outside.  Instead, he started to dream of a revenge little by little.

Meanwhile, “Big Man” is a story about Kim Ji Hyuk who waske up to find that he is a son and heir of the chaebol group Hyun Sung as he goes through various accidents.  He goes against people to keep the ones that he loves the most as he becomes a true leader and big man.

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