Big Man” Even Han Sang Jin Gets Hurt

Big Man" Even Han Sang Jin Gets Hurt
Big Man" Even Han Sang Jin Gets Hurt

“Big Man” Han Sang Jin was severly hurt because of the criticism towards Jung So Min.

On the 10 episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on June 3, Jung So Min goes to the sandwich shop of Han Sang Jin (played by Do Sang Ho) and said worriedly, “What are you doing here?  Do you think this looks good?”  However, Jung So mIn (played by Kang Jin Ah) said, “I know you’re not going to stop the spying but I hope you send something else.  I want to thorw up if you think about this.’

She started to find out all the evil deeds that Han Sang Jin had committed against Kang Ji Hwan (played by Kim Ji Hwan) and this was because he had felt betrayed against her.  This was especially true but Han Sang Jin was the person that had personally taught Jung So Min how to playt he cello.  Therefore, this was a large shock to her.  Until now, Han Sang Jin had played th coldest role as the loyal staff member of CEO Um Hyo Sup.  Nonetheless, because of the criticisms from his follower Jung So Min, this wa all left as a large hurtful comment to him.

Meanwhile, “Big Man” is a story about Kim Ji Hyuk who waske up to find that he is a son and heir of the chaebol group Hyun Sung as he goes through various accidents.  He goes against people to keep the ones that he loves the most as he becomes a true leader and big man.  With Han Sang Jin’s passionate acting as a highlight, KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama, “Big Man” is aired at 10PM every Monday and Tuesday.

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