“Big Man” Gains On “Doctor Stranger”

“Big Man” Gains On “Doctor Stranger”
“Big Man” Gains On “Doctor Stranger”


The progress of “Big Man” has been something of a surprise. The drama started out slow with ratings of around 8 percent but now it is giving the Monday-Tuesday night frontrunner “Doctor Stranger” some serious competition.

On Tuesday the ratings for “Big Man” rose 1.4 percent to reach 11.4 percent. Not only did this break its own record in the ratings, but that day’s ratings also placed it close to “Doctor Stranger.”

“Doctor Stranger,” a drama about a genius doctor, who defected from North Korea, saw its ratings drop from 13.2 percent to 11.7 percent.

“Big Man” started out slow, perhaps because the plot was a little convoluted, with Daniel Choi’s family scheming to beat Ji Hyuk, the thug played by Kang Ji Hwan, almost to death so he could supply a donor heart. Medical k-dramas often skimp on the research into complex medical procedures but the writers of “Big Man” might have done more homework. While the writers might have been trying to make the point that the chaebol family was “heartless,” some viewers found the plot confusing.

The drama got stronger when it moved into more familiar revenge territory. Not satisfied with almost killing Kang Ji Hwan’s character, the evil chaebols set out to frame and then ruin him. There’s something very satisfying about a good revenge drama and when “Big Man” got into payback, it got good. In the 12 episode, Lee Da Hee’s character Mi Ra decides she has had enough of the chaebol’s horrible schemes, because she finds out her father was one of their victims. When she decides to help Ji Hyuk, that’s all he needs to take down the tycoons. On top of that Jung So Min’s heiress character is now also aware of what her brother and family are up to and will no doubt help in Ji Hyuk’s revenge later on.

Viewers love to see the bad guys get the justice they deserve.

“Triangle” remained in third place but saw a rise in its ratings from 6.4 to 6.7 percent. The show is picking up speed as the three brothers are now aligned with each other in various plots and counterplots. It’s a pity that it lost viewers because the action is speeding up and Kim Jaejoong is doing some impressive acting in this drama. Moved by love to become a better man, his character is finally trying to improve his life. Hopefully, he and his brothers will avoid the tragedy that may be inherent in their earlier choices.

“Big Man” ends on June 17. Will it make it to first place?

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