Big Man” Kang Ji Hwan In A Battle

Big Man" Kang Ji Hwan In A Battle
Big Man" Kang Ji Hwan In A Battle

Actor Jang Hang Sun started to curse at Daniel Choi in the most relaxing way.

On the 12 episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on June 3, Kang Dong Suk (played by Daniel Choi) tried to get rid of Kim Ji Hyuk (played by Kang Ji Whan) and suggested putting in a vacation for Jo Wha Soo (played by Jang Hang Sun).

Then, he said honestly that he couldn’t handle this.  So then he asked for someone else to take care of him.  He thought that Jo Wha Soo wouldn’t care whether it was this or that if for money.

However, unlike Kang Dong Suk’s expectations, Jo Wha soo got up and screamed, “Hey you jerk.  Do you think I’m some kind of butcher?  I like money but I’m not crazy about money” and started to get upset.  At this, he started to pour onto him, “This little pipsqueak only learned the worst.  This wretched little thing” and started to curse.

Afterwards, Jo Wha Soo said to a person he knew, “He told me that I am a pro dog catcher.  Do you know why I’m trying to eat up Hyun Sung Logistics.  It’s because I don’t want that man to ignore me.  Kim Ji HYuk will one day leard me from the dark to the light.”

Meanwhile, “Big Man” is a story about Kim Ji Hyuk who waske up to find that he is a son and heir of the chaebol group Hyun Sung as he goes through various accidents.  He goes against people to keep the ones that he loves the most as he becomes a true leader and big man.

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