Big Man” Kang Ji Hwan, Risk At Hyunsung Distribution

Big Man" Kang Ji Hwan
Big Man" Kang Ji Hwan

Actor “Daniel Choi” and Kang Ji Whan are repeating things over and over again and added tension to the drama.

On the 12 episode of KBS 2TV Monday/Tuesday drama “Big Man” broadcast on June 3, Kang Dong Suk (played by Daniel Choi) and Ji Hyuk (played by Kang Ji Whan) started a fight that was filled with tension and started a fight of a lifetime.

Before this, Kim Ji Hyuk had requested the judge change the person who was legal advisor for Hyun Sung  Distribution.  Because of this, he started a signing event and looked for ways to persuade the judge.  Nonetheless, Kang Dong Suk couldn’t remove the possibility that he persuaded the employees to write letters.

At this, Kim Ji Hyuk had another idea.  This was to get the help fo Mira to get the contract in his hands as the ones that Moon Myun Ho (played by Lee Hae Woo) had written.  He could not submit it himself so he had it placed in the papers Kang Dong Suk submtited to the judge.

The judge said it was illegal to submit a dual contract of this sort and he canceled the contracdt.  Kim Ji Hyuk hoped it would persuade him to change the legal advisor.

Kim Ji Hyuk smiled like a winner and clicked his tongue saying that’s why they should’ve been careful.  However, this was premature.

The judge said that Kim Ji Hyuk is under probation so he could not change the legal advisor.

Because fo this, Kang Dong Suk was definite to win but nonetheless, the judge saw that Kim Ji Hyuk was getting along well with the employees.  In the end, it was about the normalization with the company and having a leader that employees wanted.

Meanwhile, “Big Man” is a story about Kim Ji Hyuk who waske up to find that he is a son and heir of the chaebol group Hyun Sung. He tries to protect the people that he loves the most as he becomes a true leader and big man.

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