“Big Man” Succeeds In Reaching First Place

“Big Man” Succeeds In Reaching First Place
“Big Man” Succeeds In Reaching First Place


It took a while but the revenge drama “Big Man” finally scored big, delivering a happy ending and first place ratings.

The final episode on Tuesday earned the drama its highest ratings of 12.6 percent. “Big Man” started off slow with third place ratings of between 4.8 and 6 percent for its first two episodes. Then it began to climb steadily and settled into second place. It flirted with first place for the last few weeks as ratings were only a few percentage points below “Doctor Stranger.” Then “Big Man” scored big during the final episode.

The last episode delivered exactly what viewers wanted. Kang Ji Hwan’s character Kim Ji Hyuk finally got revenge on Daniel Choi’s character Kang Dong Suk, who had so ruthlessly tried to destroy him. Nice guy Kim Ji Hyuk also got the girl. In the final episode, he and Lee Da Hee’s character So Mi Ra kissed and made promises to each other. Kang Dong Suk lost his company and the love of his life, leaving him with nothing to live for.

Next week “Trot Lovers” will replace “Big Man.”

The ratings for “Doctor Stranger” fell by 1.8 percent to 10.8 percent. In that drama the secret mission that sent Jin Se Yeon’s character Jae Hee to South Korea has become a little clearer, but the relationships between the characters are becoming more confused. Despite longing so intensely for a reunion with Jae Hee, Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Hoon seems to be growing closer to Dr. Oh, played by Kang So Ra. And this might pose an obstacle to his friendship with Han Jae Joon, played by Park Hae Jin.

“Triangle,” starring Kim Jaejoong, Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan, remained in third place but saw an increase in the ratings. “Triangle rose” two percentage points from 5.7 percent to 7.7 percent. The 24-episode drama is more than half way through its storyline and the three brothers who were separated as children do not yet know they are related to each other.

Despite not knowing this Lee Bum Soo’s character has teamed up with Kim Jaejoong’s character to take down a gangster enemy who is associated with their younger brother.  The drama started out with promising ratings but settled into third place where it has remained. It is possible that the drama will see a rise in the ratings as the brothers find out who they are to each other, but next week there’s another drama to heat up the competition.

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