Bill Cosby Douses Hopes of “Cosby Show” Reunion

Bill Cosby has already announced that a reunion for the “Cosby Show” is not going to happen. There was a Reddit AMA or Ask Me Anything session last Sunday, and it was there that Cosby wrote about how he felt that too much time has already passed since the sitcom ended its eight years of the show in 1992.

The 76-year-old Cosby merely wrote, “No, thank you. Those people are too old now.”

Although Cosby is not optimistic about a reunion for the show, he could not help but imagine what Cliff and Clair Huxtable could be doing at that time. He imagined a 2 act for the famous couple. He wrote, “He’d be retired. And she would be retired. And right now they would be somewhere in the south of France, and he would be hiding at a bakery in the morning having two croissants and blueberry jam.”

Cosby also shared that there were times in his life when he opted to wear the signature “Cosby sweaters” in real life. He also admitted that, just like his character in the show, he is a huge fan of pudding treats. Additionally, he admitted that he is not exactly up to speed on the goings-on with today’s latest TV shows. He admitted, “I haven’t really been impressed with anything, because I’m 76 and 11/12ths years old. And I just don’t have a feeling to want to turn on the TV.”

However, this little bit about Bill Cosby might change soon since NBC has just recently announced in January that they have a new signed deal with the actor. According to NBC, Cosby will be part of a new half-hour family sitcom.

As of today, though, no further details about the show have been divulged, but Cosby did inform The Cincinnati Enquirer recently that he would like the show to be set in Los Angeles. Plus, he has hinted that the show will have a multi-generational focus.

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