BioWare To Announce Mass Effect 4 Release Date; Trailer Launched Showcasing New Environments, Characters, Teaser Gameplay; New Goodies Galore For The PC, PS4, Xbox One

BioWare Montreal is set to announce a Mass Effect 4 release date; trailer offers inside scoop on the latest installment’s game dynamics.

Development for the game remains under wraps for quite some time, and Bioware has only gone so far as to confirm the title is a work in progress. Tweets at the official BioWare account tease players of a new, unique chapter in the Mass Effect series, with new characters, foes, and gaming world to boot.

An insider suggests the game’s storyline follows through as an interactive narrative. BioWare pooled popular opinion from fans of the game, and the consensus was quite expected.

Gamers basically wanted an overhauled installment with the core kept intact. A new place, setting, and characters should keep the series fresh and engaging, and developers promise to deliver a vast region which remains self-contained and navigable.

The game also takes players to different Galaxies, each open for exploration. The current generation of consoles offers the hardware and technology to accommodate the scale and complexity of the new game. A Mass Effect 4 release date, trailer are pending announcement, but will likely be leaked out at the usual social media sites.

One feature fans should expect of the new Mass Effect game is enhanced detail and realism, especially in terms of character detail and movement. A teaser previously launched hinted of the game’s dynamic: showcasing a human in an N7 uniform and a Krogan warrior.

A variety of alien environments were available, as well as an elaborate day/night and weather cycle. BioWare Montreal is reportedly collaborating with BioWare Edmonton on development, the latter responsible for the first title in the Mass Effect series.

The game is more expansive, allowing players to explore levels with vehicles, according to insider reports. A Galaxy Map is also in place to aid space travel, with improved design for the game’s solar system.

The Mass Effect 4 release date, trailer is yet to be updated; the previous installment launched March 2012 on the PC, November of the same year on the PS3 and Xbox 360 (


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