Blackberry Q20 Release Date November; Secure & Productive Architecture, Server Manager For iOS, Android, Windows

The Blackberry Q20 has already been officially announced and the latest reports say it will launch at the end of the year, ahead of the holiday shopping season – November 2014. In case you’re wondering about the timeline on the Blackberry Classic, here’s an explanation from Blackberry CEO John Chen:

“The Blackberry Q20 is an improved version of the Blackberry Bold, one of Blackberry’s most successful products.” In terms of details, the classic not only has a classic keyboard, it will also be equipped with a touch-screen, multimedia functions and extremely fast Internet browsing capability. 

Apart from that, the Blackberry Q20 will be more secure and sport enhanced productivity. One would think, this is exactly what a business user would look for in a Blackberry. CEO Chen is making attempts to turn the company around after posting poor figures in Q4 2013. Blackberry problems emanated from rising inventories amid heightened sales from iPhones and Android phones. notes Chen as saying, “So, all the familiar things that people love, with some new technology updated. That will come out in November along with the server that helps companies manage devices. Not only the BlackBerry device, but every device, the iPhone and androids and Windows and everything else. So, the new products will have a lot to do with the architecture.”

The Q20 is the first Blackberry to ‘out’ in the ‘Classic’ range, says CEO John Chen.The surprise the Q20 will offer will be a hardware keyboard and a revival of the optical trackpad along with function keys. The Blackberry Classic will be the third Blackberyy 10 device with a physical keyboard. This is a nice change to the Android and iOS supported virtual keyboards that just don’t cut it for the avid business user or his style.

The BBQ20 will add to the line of QWERTY Blackberry 10 devices which include the Q5 and the Q10.

Blackberry enjoyed tremendous success before losing market share to Apple’s iPhone and Android-based smartphones made by Samsung. The Android phones are less expensive, while the iPhone has created a hallmark in smartphone standards that even business users have moved away from the Blackberry, which was synonymous with BBM and superior email handling.

Hence, with new competition comes a shift in Blackberry’s production line that is better suited for the traditional consumer who also gets to use the latest smartphone functions found on the iPhone and for instance, the Samsung Galaxy S series.

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