Blizzard Releases Diablo III Patch 2.1.0 Details

Blizzard has officially released the full details of Diablo III patch 2.1.0’s gameplay and class improvements. The latest patch features more buffs, and a zing of nerfs to various weapons, elements, skills, etc., This marks one of the biggest patches in the game since patch 2.0.1.

For this reason, Blizzard has been a bit careful on this release. They have the patch tested first on the Public Test Realm. The patch was commented on positively before it was announced to the public for its major release.

The Good and the Bad

According to blizzard on their official website, the patch has its shares of good and not too good tweaks on the class change and on the gameplay. One example is that all players who owns Reaper of Souls get an additional Stash Tab. In contrast, health globes now replenish 15% of character’s life, instead of the usual 20%, or 30% in some cases. They have to buff up some properties like “Life Regeneration” and “Life on Hit” in order to compensate for the cut back.

Another improvement made in the update is on pets and summons, where they get AI enhancements, making them more alert and active instead of being idle during battles. This applies on pets such as Call of the Ancients, Companion, Mystic Ally, Gargantuan, Fetish Army, Phalanx, or Zombie Dogs.

The third change is on all characters. Most of which is on their skill set as  well as on their character growth. For example, if you play either as a demon hunter or a monk, dexterity points will increase armor rating instead of dodging chance. As for Arcane and Witch Doctor classes, the initial cost of their spells have been lowered

The new Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0 is currently available for testing. Some of the changes may have already been rolled out before the patch update’s actual launch date.

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