Bloodborne Trailer Revealed At E3 2014; Leaked Footage Adds To The Hype! Another Dark Souls Project, Sans The New Weapons And Bosses?

The Bloodborne trailer previewed on last Monday’s E3 revealed another Dark Souls title in the works, with the graphics and details depicting a somber mood.

In more pressing news, a trailer that reveals more than the E3 reveal has leaked online, as is expected of any upcoming titles worth noting. From Software’s upcoming action/role-playing game showcased actual gameplay on the trailer, entirely different from Sony’s pre-rendered tease at E3.

The trailer was reportedly created early in the game’s development, when Bloodborne came with a working title Project Beast. Gameplay footage is reminiscent of From Software’s previous titles Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, but focusing more on two-handed melee and blunderbuss combat.

At present, the title’s fantasy world has yet to showcase magic; the protagonist shown on the trailer employs a torch and urn to set enemies ablaze, real-world weapons instead of shields and spells.

Sony’s E3 trailer did show other weapons available to players, a shotgun and fold-out blade. The leaked Bloodborne trailer adds axes, halberds, and swords into the arsenal.

The leaked trailer showed more details than Sony would like to reveal, including what seems like samples of the game’s bosses and environments, never shown on the official E3 tease (or in previous GIF leaks, for that matter). Several Souls title staples are also in play, such as fog doors.

Sony has hinted an early 2015 for the game on the PlayStation 4. The leaked Bloodborne trailer is raw, and may not justify the details of the final version, but fans and critics get first glimpse at gameplay with weapons and bosses just the same (


Information at Sony’s PlayStation Store peg the exact release date at March 31, 2015, which unlikely is a placeholder date for the game. Pre-load copies are available as early as March 26. The dates aren’t definitive, but reliable considering the PlayStation Store’s knack to make final announcements, with placeholder dates generalized as “coming soon” labels (


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