‘Bluebird House’ A Thirty Year Old Secret Revealed

'Bluebird House' A Thirty Year Old Secret Revealed
'Bluebird House' A Thirty Year Old Secret Revealed

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In “Bluebird House” the ending showed that everything was a foolish mistake with only pains and scars to be revealed.  As the 48 th episode came to an end, it was amazing what facts had been hidden throughout the drama.

On the episode of KBS2 weekend drama “Bluebird House” (script Park Pil Joo, director Ji Byung Hyun) broadcast on August 1 st , Sang Joon’s secret that he had hidden for thirty years was finally revealed.
On this day, Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin) met Ji Wan (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) and said, “Is this your way, sir?  Is that your way to be betraying your friend and to take his wealth?”  This comment nailed on the head exactly what the drama had stood for.  This was the main storyline of Tae Soo betraying his friend and taking all the wealth of this very friend.
The secret was that Sang Joon was planning on giving the wealth to Tae Soo in any sense.  Such in the reason that he had converted his wealth to cash.  However, Sang Joon died without having transferred this inner thought and therefore, Tae Soo had stolen his money. With that wealth, he had created the wealth of the present day.

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