‘Bluebird House’ Chun Ho Jin, A Poor Soul That Can’t Trust Anyone

'Bluebird House' Chun Ho Jin
'Bluebird House' Chun Ho Jin

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In “Bluebird House” it turned out that Lee Joon Hyuk’s father had given his entire wealth to Chun Ho Jin for Chun Ho Jin to handle because they were best friends.
On the 49 th episode of “Bluebird House” (script Ji Byung Hyun, director Choi Hyun Kyung) broadcast on August 8 th , facts were revealed from the late father of Kim Ji Wan’s lawyer.  With that, Jang Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin) had a flashback where he realized that Kim Sang Joon had wanted to give Tae Soo the president’s position.

Kim Sang Joon was worried about the state of his heart.  He heard his legal advisor that said, “But aren’t you thinking about your family?”  To that, he said, “I’m investing because of my family.  I don’t know how much longer my heart is going to last.  Without me, what will my mom or my children do?” With that, he showed that he was worried about his family members.
Nonetheless, Tae Soo still started to be suspicious of these words.  He thought that it must be a crazy thought to leave someone’s wealth to one person. With that, he was suspicious that even the legal advisor had been bribed to make him look like an even worse person.  At this, Han Sun Hee (played by Choi Myung Gil) was followed and he started to start a fight.

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