‘Bluebird House’ Chun Ho Jin GIves Up On Yoo Jae Myung

'Bluebird House' Chun Ho Jin GIves Up On Yoo Jae Myung
'Bluebird House' Chun Ho Jin GIves Up On Yoo Jae Myung

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In “Bluebird House” Chun Ho Jin was pushed to the corner to such extent that he started to get suspicious of those that were most loyal to him.  He even started to get suspicious of his closest secretary as this was heart wrecking to watch.

On the 49 th episode of “Bluebird House” (script Ji Byung Hyun, director Choi Hyun Kyung) broadcast on August 8 th , Jang Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin) lashed out at Director Lim (played by Yoo Jae Young).  Jang Tae Soo was absolutely angered and would not let Director Lim come back to Tae Hoo Industries.
Tae Soo lost his cool as the media even started to move because of Tae Hoo Industries.  He then started to attack the people that were on the side of Kim Ji Wan (played by Lee Joon Hyuk) and ordered to go after them.  He wanted to find anything that would be considered negative so that he would use it to attack them.  Nonetheless, Director Lim refused.  He said that there would be no way whatsoever that he would sink to such low levels.
Then again, Tae Soo started to accuse him as well.  He said that he must’ve been paid off and said that it was probably money or some other incentive that lured him.

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