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‘Bluebird House’ Lee Hye Sook Asks Chun Ho Jin Whether Lee Sang Yeop Changed

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In “Bluebird House” Lee Hye Sook worried about the changes that Lee Sang Yeop was going through. The changes that Lee Sang Yeop went through were not only in terms of personality but in terms of health and gut instinct.  She was shocked to see this change and was concerned for his life.

On the episode of KBS2 weekend drama “Bluebird House” (script Park Pil Joo, director Ji Byung Hyun) broadcast on August 1 st , Jung Soo Kyung (played by Lee Hye Sook) was in deep concern for her son.  Jang Hyun Do (played by Lee Sang Yeop) was now a big concern of his mother, Jung Soo Kyung.
On this day, Jung Soo Kyung went to the office of Jang Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin). She said, “What are you going to do now with Hyun Do?  Do you know that he takes sleeping pills?”  She was getting emotional as she was wondering what could have pushed him to this extent.
Jang Tae Soo said, “This was started by Hyun Do.  I thought that you had agreed to this” and acted very brazenly.  Jung So Kyung said, “This was before you threw all your class out the window” and made a very strong statement.
Jang Tae Soo replied, “Class is good.  That is, if you can keep class and constantly fight.  I’m putting up a fight for you guys.  For you and Hyun Do you know.”  With that, he tried to defend himself.

Nonetheless, Jung Soo Kyung had different ideas. “For me? But why do I keep disliking you more and more.  Don’t you think Hyun Do is changing too?  Can’t we just end it here?” With that, she kept on interrogating.

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