‘Bluebird House’ Lee Joon Hyuk Shocked On Truth

'Bluebird House' Lee Joon Hyuk Shocked On Truth
'Bluebird House' Lee Joon Hyuk Shocked On Truth

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In “Bluebird House” it turned out that Lee Joon Hyuk’s father Kim Jung Hak wanted to give all his wealth to Chun Ho Jin.  This was new news from the past which made it interesting for Lee Joon Hyuk’s family and Jang Tae Soo as well.

On the episode of KBS drama “Bluebird House” broadcast on August 2 nd , Ji Wan (played by Lee Joon Hyuk), Ji Wan walked around and found the people that his late father had worked with at Tae Hoo Industries.  He learned through some of these people that Ji Wan’s father Sang Joon (played by Kim Jung Hak) had been wanting to give Tae Soo (played by Chun Ho Jin) the operations control of the company.  At that time, he also learned that his father had exchanged everything to cash for Tae Soo.
Learning this, Ji Wan delivered this news to Tae Soo.  He said, “Even if you don’t want to steal this.  Even if you didn’t want to acquire his wealth, you could’ve had it all.”
At this, Tae Soo thought back to the point where Sang Joon said, “You do the management and I just want to develop technology. ”  He then learned that his friend wanted to undergo preparation for such development and was surprised.

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