Bond 24 Trailer: Have They Finally Released The Official Trailer Of The New James Bond Flick? ‘Hellboy’ Actor Named New Bond Villain?

Fans eagerly await the new James Bond Movie: “Bond 24” trailer.

Reports have started to speculate the release of the official trailer of the new movie, saying it will be out very soon.

Some enthusiasts have taken matters into their own hands and just made their own “Bond 24” trailers, and uploaded them on YouTube which disappointed a lot of James Bond fans.

There has been no word on the release of the trailer, so fans will just have to wait and see.

However, it seems that the “Bond 24” trailer will not be complete without a Bond villain to show.  New reports have claimed that there is a new candidate for the flick’s antagonist.

“Hellboy” actor Ron Perlman, has just openly revealed his interest to play the role of a Bond villain.  He said in a recent interview that it would be a privilege to appear in a James Bond flick.

“I would love to be in a Bond movie. That would be an honour and a thrill,” said Perlman.

Perlman has starred in a lot of movies over the years, and is not new to playing the bad guy.

“The Bond franchise has created some wonderful three-dimensional characters, especially the bad guys, starting with ‘Goldfinger’. That dude was memorable and the one that Mads Mikkelsen played in ‘Casino Royale’,” added Perlman

There wouldn’t be a problem with Perlman working opposite Daniel Craig.  The actor had only great things to say about the British hottie.

“He’s a great Bond. He’s second only to Connery for me. We all got spoiled when Sean invented the character because he brings so much to it. It’s really hard to find somebody who is that multifaceted, that interesting and that much of a man’s man.”

A previous

report has involved Kevin Spacey in the new Bond movie, identifying him as the new Bond villain.  Spacey quickly denied the rumors.

“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe has also

expressed his intent to play the bad guy in “Bond 24.”  But, there has been no official confirmation if he is even considered for the role.

“Bond 24” is currently slated for an October 2015 release date.

Stay tuned for more “Bond 24” news and for the official trailer of the new Bond flick.

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