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Bosnia and Herzegovina is already booted from the World Cup tournament after two losses in their cluster’s clashes. For Iran, this game still gives them a chance to secure a spot in the Round of 16. The question is: Is Bosnia- Herzegovina that easy?

Iran started their World Cup campaign with a disappointing goalless draw with Nigeria, but it also proved that they have a great defence system. Iran Coach Carlos Queiroz even said the draw was an ‘answered prayer.’

That defence system is also proven effective in their last match against the favourites, Argentina. However, they lost the match now with a 1-0 score.

On the other hand, Bosnia looked like they have potential but the other teams are just better than they are. As a debutant for this year’s World Cup, there is really little or no expectations for this team, so their early exit was not a big surprise.

They are still a few margins higher than Iran, because they managed to score against Argentina for their opener, but the Albiceleste won that game, thus, a 2-1.

However, Nigeria was less merciful, as they gave no chance for Bosnia to score, and they defeated them with a humiliating 1-0 standing.

Bosnia is now fighting for nothing at this point in the game, so putting Iran on an advantage is not a lunatic thing to do.

Iran can still qualify for Group F’s second best if they can win against Bosnia with a 1-0, and Argentina also defeats Nigeria with the same score. If this happens, Iran and Nigeria will have the same score: four. They would also have the same goal differential (even), and the same number of goals, which is one.

The only way to resolve this projected problem is by drawing lots. If this happens, it will be a first in World Cup history. And it is also likely that this will happen.

However, Iran needs to score a goal first. This is something they have never done for this World Cup yet. This is the goal that can change their fate!

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