“Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Joon Makes A Comeback

“Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Joon Makes A Comeback
“Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Joon Makes A Comeback


Appearing in the classic k-drama “Boys Over Flowers” resulted in instant stardom for three members of F4, the squad of good-looking rich boys who ruled the school. Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and singer-turned actor Kim Hyun Joong went on to become stars but Kim Joon, the fourth F4 member did not quite achieve the same level of success.

That may change as the actor is currently making a comeback in the upcoming SBS weekend drama “Endless Love.”

According to his agency Chang Company, he has chosen “Endless Love” as his first drama project after being discharged from the military in June of 2013.

In “Endless Love,” Kim Joon will play the role of Kim Tae Kyung, the son of the prime minister. His character falls in love with a promising actress played by Hwang Jung Eum and he will risk everything he has for that love.

He’ll have some serious competition.

In “Endless Love” Hwang Jung Eum’s character Seo In Ae will have three men fall in love with her. Ryu Soo Young plays her childhood love. While his love for her is genuine his ambitions may become more important. Jung Kyung Ho will play his brother and a rival for her affections. The story follows its characters through two decades, from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Like his fellow F4 member Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon is also a singer-turned-actor. He debuted as a rapper with the band T-Max in 2007 and it was their song “Paradise” that played throughout the “Boys Over Flowers” soundtrack. The band broke up before he enlisted for his mandatory military service in 2011. After “Boys Over Flowers,” Kim Joon was in the cast of a few variety shows including “Invincible Baseball Team” and Mnet Scandal.” He had a role in a musical “Youthful March” and starred in the drama “Homicide Division,” playing a homicide detective who is scared of corpses.

Then he stopped acting for a while and focused on getting a master’s degree in Global Culture Content at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. But he did not give up on acting. When he was discharged from the military, he signed with a new agency, Chang Company, and began to consider new film and drama offers from Japan and China as well as Korea.

His first international project after leaving the military was the Japanese blockbuster “Lupin,” which will be released in August.

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