Brazil May Possibly Get Kicked Out Of Finals: In The Midst Of 64 Long-Year Wait To Host This Year’s World Cup.


Fans yell their hearts out in the Brazilian stadium, rooting for their favorite team, Mexico.

Wearing red and green shirts, they emanated a colorful image on the Brazilian audience. Once the whistle blew to signal the start of the match, fans begin to yell in Estádio Castelão, Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa’s name, or as they adoringly call him, Memo.

It’s downtime again for Brazil though. After waiting for 64 years to host the

World Cup, Brazil is now the worst team in World Cup history. Brazil used to house talented World Cup players in yellow and blue uniforms, that include Pele, Jairzinho, Ronaldo and Romario.

Despite losing in the second round in World Cup 1982, the Brazilian team, composing of Zico, Socrates,Junior, Eder and Falco, pushed through with their plans to travel to South America.

After losing in a goalless draw against

Mexico to Fortaleza, the team of Brazil’s Luiz Felipe Scolari’s 2014 has begun to go down the drain. Neymar, Scolari’s legendary talented No 10, is the safest bet to beat Lionel Messi and

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ochoa led Mexico to a 0-0 draw win against Brazil. This was the highlight of the game, which brought ear-to-ear smiles among Mexico fans.

Both teams were in 4 points after the game. Some of the hosts got disappointed with this data, but Mexico rejoiced, appreciating their blessings in the midst of past struggling with obtaining a high-quality eligibility campaign.

The two teams are in line to go on the next round, against Croatia or Cameroon.

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