Brazil Moves forward after beating Chile in Just the Nick of Time

It was a an exciting yet taxing Full time (Penalties) for both Brazil and Chile held at Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte. The first game for the round of 16 brought about tears and joy as both teams fought hard to move to the next rounds for the top eight teams.

The Estádio Mineirão roared with the chants from Selecao fans supporting their home team to win the games. But it was not an easy match to win. It was in the early 18 minute when Brazilian defender, David Luiz made the first goal for the Selecao securing the lead for their team. The goal came from a corner coming from Neymar then tapped to Tiago Silva and conveniently passed on the David Luiz. David defended the ball from Gonzale Jara and fires the ball making a goal.

But team Roja was not the one to stand down. They kept the pressure high for Brazil and at the 32 minute, made a smooth goal courtesy of Alexis Sánchez. The Chilean forward saw an opportunity for a loose ball at the penalty area equalizing the score for the team.

But it wasn’t the goals that mattered on the match it was the penalty between both sides that mattered most on the game. Penalty shootouts started after the second half’s extra time which ended at the 120 minute. The Penalty commenced with the score from both teams stuck to 1-1.  The first penalty shootout came from Brazil’s David Luiz. David successfully discharged the ball with a right foot shot into the goals. It was followed by Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla right foot which, unfortunately for them, was a miss.

It was then followed by a miss from Willian of Brazil and then again Alexis Sánchez of Chile. The next penalty goal came from the Brazilian, Marcelo who used his left foot and shoot the goal on the top right corner of the net. This gave the lead to Brazil which sets penalty status 2-0.

Next came Chile’s Charles Aránguiz who successfully converted his penalty shot into a goal securing a result of Brazil 1(2), Chile 1(1).  This gave the Chileans confidence saving the next penalty from Hulk of Brazil.

Chile did not let their winning streak end, they made sure that the next penalty will be counted and it did courtesy of Marcelo Díaz. Now scores was set to 1(2), Chile 1(2). Next penalty was set for Brazil and it was their team star player, Neymar who was on the center. He used a right footed shot which hits the right post and it was a goal.

Following Neymar was Gonzalo Jara of Chile. This is their last chance to draw out the score but too bad for them, the ball hits the right post and missed the goal. This concluded the match between Chile and Brazil. But not only that, this is ends Chile’s run for the World Cup.

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