Brazil World Cup 2014 Group Predictions: Brazil, England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium & Argentina 2nd Round Hopefuls

Brazil World Cup 2014 Group predictions will be an arduous task for commentators and analysts. And there’s probably some bets in place too. What football fans across the world would love to see is Argentina – Brazil in the final match of the tournament.

On Thursday, when the Brazil World Cup 2014 group predictions will be tested, 32 teams will play 64 games over a period of 31 days. The first game between Brazil and Croatia will take place in Sao Paolo. On Saturday, Italy and England will square off with their own campaign for the World Cup 2014.

The trophy will go to the ‘most suitable World Cup 2014 team’ in Rio on July 13, Sunday. But what are the teams to watch and which groups.

Group A enlists Brazil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. This is a ‘Group of Death’ because Brazil has a lop sided advantage of the other three teams. However, Mexico is known to cause upsets and win by Mexico could send the crowd roaring at Brazil.

Former England skipper and World Cup scorer Gary Lineker will be doing a video blog during the tournament play: “Brazil have been given a group that is tricky but not terrifying.”This is not the best Mexican team we’ve seen – they only just qualified through the play-offs and they normally cruise through. Cameroon don’t seem confident that they can do much and Croatia are a decent European side. We know all about Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric and they will be hard to beat.”

Linker predicts, “Brazil will dominate, but who will go through with them? It will go down to the last match between Croatia and Mexico, but I’m backing Croatia.”

Fixtures/BST/Group A: 12 June: Brazil v Croatia 21:00, 13 June: Mexico v Cameroon 17:00,  17 June: Brazil v Mexico 20:00, 18 June: Cameroon v Croatia 23:00, 23 June: Cameroon v Brazil, Croatia v Mexico both 21:00

Group B includes Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia

According to Linekar, “”Group B is fascinating – a very strong group indeed – with the opening fixture a repeat of the 2010 final between Spain and the Netherlands.”Four years ago the Dutch went against their instincts and tried to kick Spain off the park, but under Louis van Gaal they will surely go back to their normal style.”

Chile played well in the qualifiers but Spain are stronger than appear; they played brilliantly in the last three tournaments. Striker Diego Costa is a game changer and Spain will go through. Coach Louis Van Gaal is capable of driving the Netherlands to the next stage.

Fixtures/BST/Group B: 13 June: Spain v Netherlands 20:00, Chile v Australia 23:00, 18 June: Australia v Netherlands 17:00, Spain v Chile 20:00, 23 June: Australia v Spain, Netherlands v Chile both 17:00.

Group C is comprised of Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast, and Japan

Greece may be out of the question this World Cup and historically they have not done well in the past either. So no big news for Greece. Columbia, on the other hand, are unpredictable and so is the Ivory Coast, probably the finest African team in Brazil World Cup 2014. Japan too is growing in stature and is poised to cause some upsets.

Linekar predicts that Ivory Coast and Columbia will go through to the second round.

Fixtures: 14 June: Colombia v Greece 17:00, 15 June: Ivory Coast v Japan 02:00, 19 June: Colombia v Ivory Coast 17:00, Japan v Greece 23:00,  24 June: Japan v Colombia, Greece v Ivory Coast both 21:00.

Group D is an exciting group with South American major Uruguay, England, Costa Rica and Italy, the perennial favorites in any World Cup. 

Uruguay will be on the offensive with Luis Suarz, Edison Cavani, and Diego Forian, while England might get a bit of an advantage with the aging Italian side. Costa Rica might make some noise, but no real threat to England in this group. Certainly, not the ‘group of death’ that Group D has been labeled.

Fixtures: 14 June: Uruguay v Costa Rica 20:00, England v Italy 23:00, 19 June: Uruguay v England 20:00, 20 June: Italy v Costa Rica 17:00, 24 June: Italy v Uruguay, Costa Rica v England both 17:00.

Group E: Honduras, Ecuador, France, Switzerland

Honduras might not be able to make the grade, while Ecuador plays well at home altitude. France looks like an easy winner with forward Karim Benzema of Real Madrid. Switzerland are organized enough to accompany France to the next round.

Fixtures: 15 June: Switzerland v Ecuador 17:00, France v Honduras 20:00, 20 June: Switzerland v France 20:00, Honduras v Ecuador 23:00, 25 June: Honduras v Switzerland, Ecuador v France 21:00.

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia, Nigeria, Iran

Clearly South American teams tend to win World Cups staged on the continent and Argentina will do some damage. Apart from fast action, Argentina has arguably ‘the most talented footballer alive’ – Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

There’s little Iran can do this World Cup and Nigeria have won the Africa Cup of Nations. Bosnia did well in the qualifying rounds. So, Argentina and Nigeria could go through.

Group G

Germany, Ghana, USA, Portugal

Group G is a very open group and a case for all four teams can be made. But Christiano Ronaldo is an important factor like Lionel Messi and he can be unpredictable on the pitch. Germany is traditionally a top seeded side and USA is capable of causing an upset if the conditions are right. Ghana does not look like it has a chance of advancing.

Fixtures: Monday 16 June: Germany v Portugal 17:00, Ghana v USA 23:00, Saturday 21 June: Germany v Ghana 20:00, Sunday 22 June: USA v Portugal 23:00, Thursday 26 June: USA v Germany, Portugal v Ghana both 17:00.

Fixtures:  15 June: Argentina v Iran 2300, 16 June: Iran v Nigeria 20:00, 21 June: Argentina v Iran 17:00, Nigeria v Bosnia 23:00, 25 June: Nigeria v Argentina, Bosnia v Iran both 17:00.

Group H

Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

Belgium are clearly the favorites here with Atletico Madrid’s on loan keeper Thibaut Courtois, Manchester City and Vincent Kompany and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. Russian coach Fabio Capello is attributed to England’s defeat in South Africa, four year ago. So, Belgium and Algeria are on for the second round.

17 June: Belgium v Algeria 17:00, Russia v South Korea 23:00, 22 June: Belgium v Russia 17:00, South Korea v Algeria 20:00, 26 June: South Korea v Belgium, Algeria v Russia both 21:00. 

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