Brazil World Cup 2014 Group USA: Opening Game Vs. Ghana, LA Galaxy Star Striker Donovan Stirs Controversy, Left Out Of 23-Man Squad

Brazil World Cup 2014 group team USA arrived in Sao Paolo after a 4000 mile flight from Miami. They arrive in Brazil a week ahead of their World Cup opening game with Ghana.

“We haven’t had any problem, other than the traffic. But other than that, not too bad,” goalkeeper Tim Howard was quoted as saying by Yahoo News.

The American team traveled to their hotel on a bus that had an U.S. flag with the slogan, ‘United by team, driven by passion.’

Reports say that despite a strong scoring record by Landon Donovan, who played in 12 games in the last 3 World Cups and scored five goals, his form and stats were not good enough to get him through to the preliminary 23 – man U.S. squad. Game watchers say that getting past the Group stage would make way for Donovan in the later stages of the game.

The man behind the decision making for Donovan is Jurgen Klinsman, former German world cup star who now coaches the U.S. team. Should the U.S. fail to get through to the next level after Group G, the Donovan fiasco will hang over the thought of a possible victory if he was enlisted in the team – that controversial debate will hang over the Yanks like a dark cloud.

Despite a sharp focus on winning in Brazil, the U.S. will team is slated to come under attack for leaving out Donovan, if they lose the opener to Ghana in Group G. The Donovan debacle is not going to go away unless the strikers score. More than that, they need to score versus Ghana. 

There has been some temporary relief from the criticism emanating from U.S. soccer fans after Jozy Altidore came out of the blue with two goals versus Nigeria in Jacksonville. That kind of strong goal-scoring is exactly what the U.S. needs to get over a ‘bad spell’ over Donovan. Apart from that, Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey have also eased some pressure on the team. They are two of America’s best and they are on reserve for the tough matches.

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