Brazil World Cup 2014 Groups: Aussies Stuck In The Proverbial ‘Group Of Death’ But Underdogs Unpredictable

Brazil World Cup 2014 groups have been drawn up and it looks like Australia will have a tough draw in a “Group of Death.”

In the past, there were examples of the Group of Death with favorites Brazil and Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal and Ivory Coast, one of the best in Africa against North Korea – a tough draw in 2010. In the previous World Cup 1996, Italy, US, Ghana and Czech Republic in the Group E draw while in 2002 England, Sweden, Argentina, and Nigeria clumped together for competition.

But analysts say that underdogs have done the unthinkable and it can happen again. With the intense training, foreign coaches and strategic planning, it is possible for any team to with the Brazil World Cup 2014 because one cannot factor out the unpredictable.

Historically, North Korea the underdogs going against Italy in the infamous 1966 World Cup which created the only win for European giants at the time, England, scored to for a 1-0 win against Italy.

Similarly in 1990, underdogs Cameroon turned up first in a group that included Argentina, which no one really expected, provided their obscurity on the international scene. They were a leading team to be reckoned with in Africa though.

The Aussie ove Socceroos will also have to contend with Holland, Chile and Spain – all teams well above the level of Australian football on the international front. The modern seeding system employed by FIFA along with 32 teams gives the Australians a good chance of getting through to the second round, after which they will no longer be the victims of the ‘group of death,’ since they will have to prove themselves on their own without a cast ballot. 

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