Brazil World Cup 2014 Injuries: English Physio Gary Lewin Dislocates Ankle In Celebration Of England Goal

Getting injured for celebrating a score is embarrassing. Getting this injury as the team physiotherapist is more embarrassing. Getting it caught on international TV is beyond embarrassing.

As England’s Daniel Sturridge momentarily ties the game with a goal on the 37 minute, the team’s physiotherapist, Gary Lewin dislocates his ankle after jumping off a bench in festivity of the goal.

The game was paused for a few minutes until Lewin has been carried out of the stadium with a stretcher.

Unfortunately, the 50-year-old’s joyful yet tragic remarks for the point were put into trash, as the game finishes with England’s loss against Italy at 2-1 for this World Cup opener. The opponent gained a goal advantage for this win.

“That’s a very sad moment for us. In celebrating the goal he jumped up and landed on a water bottle and dislocated his ankle. Very, very painful. He’s been taken to hospital. I think the doctor was able to set it in and put it back at the side of the field. It’s the end of the World Cup I’m afraid for Gary Lewin. A very sad moment for him and the team,” said England coach Roy Hodgson at his postgame press conference.

Former England defender Rio Ferdinand tweeted, “What happened to running it off??? The magic spray & sponge??? Our Physio Gary Lewin has to man up!!” which he later apologized for.

Lewin even ended his position in Arsenal to fully attend to his duties as England’s physio for years now.

Moreover, the injury was allegedly so serious that it sent the doctor home to London, possibly leaving the team for the Whole World Cup 2014.

But, there is a backup doc. “We do have another physio with us-Steve Kemp,” said an FA spokesperson.

In the meantime, the internet feasts on his rather amusing photo, which is attached with this article.

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