Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Algeria, Other Teams Face Dilemma Between Muslim Ramadan Fasting And Sports

The World Cup has always been a worldwide festivity filled with good food, good drinks, and good company. As the tournaments deepens as it is now in the Round of 16, we expect more celebrations to come with every nation’s victory.

However, this season is also the season for the Muslim’s Ramadan. The said spiritual and religious event is all about fasting food and drinks for thirty days when the sun is out-that means, from dawn to dusk. Unfortunately, Muslim players in the World Cup would have to choose between religious obligations and sports.

Moreover, the biggest team to face dilemma is Algeria, who will be going against Germany for today’s match at 4 PM. Currently, it is summer in Brazil, and yes-it is scorching hot.

According to Algeria’s Djamel Mesbah, the team would have to discuss it themselves. “It’s clear that our religion is very important for the team, so we will talk about it and see how to go forward.”

In the 2012 Olympics, most athletes have faced the same problem, chooseing between spiritual nourishment and quenching their thirst. Nevertheless, most coaches allowed their players to eat during Ramadan, as it would affect their performance greatly.

However, Algerian coach Vahid Halilhodzic got angry when the media asked his plan on Ramadan. “It’s not the first time I have had Muslim players in my team. I myself am a Muslim. I’ve always let them be free, this is a private question and when you asked this you lack respect,” he said.

“Tomorrow is a very serious opponent. They are a very good candidate to be champions again. We have to control the ball. You know their mentality, their fitness. For us it’s going to be very challenging.

“Germany is the favourite obviously but the Algerian team is able to surprise you. We are confident, we have to been improving in every match. Tomorrow we will have to be exceptional. Tomorrow we have nothing to lose. We are ambitious.”

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