Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Colombia Conquer Ivory Coast at 2-1, Qualify for Knockout Round

Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Colombia Conquer Ivory Coast at 2-1
Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Colombia Conquer Ivory Coast at 2-1

, thanks to James Rodriguez and Juan Quintero, who scored individually during the second half. Their victory against Côte d’Ivoire, and Japan and Greece’s goalless draw has put them in the running of the second stage in the World Cup, the Round of 16.

The South American team were itching to get a score on as early as the second half, as evident in their fast-paced footwork, but remained scoreless because of the African team

‘s incredulous defences.

Came in the second quarter, and like what Ivory Coast did on their match again

st Japan, Didier Drogba was introduced halfway in the second half.

However, this time, it was their opponent who scored.

Rodriguez is the first one to goal in the 64 minute, as he took a tight a

ngled shot just around the net’s post with the help of a straightforward pass from Juan Cuadrado at the side of the field. Drogba, though very near Rodriguez, was not able to do anything.

After six minutes, the Colombians came back for more. When national anthem emotional Serey Die lost his control from 

the ball, he gave Guttierez a chance to steal in away. Then, seizing the moment, an unguarded Quintero took charge and manages to finish the pass with a goal. Thus, a 2-0.

But that lead only lasted for about four minutes, as Ivory Coast had awaken into their senses, and scores through Gervinho. A pass which started from the other end with Boubacar Barry, and ended by the magical but lone Gervinho, who seemed too stealthy among some three Colombian men’s defences.

Though the African’s tried, a time pressured goal was not made possible by the team, thus, the game ended in 2-1. Colombia got in the Magic 16, but Ivory Coast still have a chance to join them if they win in their next game. Which kind of tears would Die cry on their next match, joy or defeat?

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