Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Germany Win Over USA At 0-1, Both Still Enter Round Of 16

Even though Germany beat USA today, the two teams will still be playing for the next match. The 2-1 Portugal win over Ghana have earned the Americans and Germans four and seven points, respectively, which is just enough for them to be hailed best and second-best from the highly competitive Group G.

The rainy match at Recife did not agree on some conspiracies that the two coaches from the two teams might have talked about a planned game of draw, but the score sheet had quite a hint of it. Nevertheless, the two teams managed to make a great ender for the group matches in the World Cup 2014.

“It’s a great achievement to get out of this group and into the knockout rounds. It was a difficult game, both physically and mentally, because the knowledge that a draw would be enough was always at the back of our minds,” admitted USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

The germans started off strong, like how they used to. They were attacking with great power and speed as the game progress on. “We started strongly and showed who was boss straight away. Four goals in three games? It feels good because it means you can rely on your own ability. I’m enjoying it a lot. I hope I can contribute to us going as far as possible and maybe even going all the way,” said Thomas Muller, who scored for the team in the 55 minute.

On the other hand, USA had limited chances on a goal as their opponent almost never let them get away with it. Perhaps they feel quite relaxed knowing they are quite secured in the second spot already.

“We could have created a few more chances but overall I’m satisfied. It was one of the most difficult groups at the tournament. Ghana and Portugal are good teams and Germany are one of the favourites to win the title. We’re still learning and growing as a team. Now everything starts from scratch again because the knockout rounds are very different,” said USA coach Klinsmann.

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