Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Portugal vs. Ghana; Ronaldo Wins But Portugal, Ghana Ousted From World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to bring in a late goal to suffice a 2-1 win over Ghana, but their victory is not enough to get them through the Round of 16 Knockout Stage. Thus, both the Black Stars and Portugal will have to pack their bags and head home as they are booted out from the tournament.

Nevertheless, it was evident that the two struggled really hard but fell short of glory. Portugal’s John Boye made a first-half goal, while Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan equalized the game with a header on the second half. Ultimately, Ronaldo scored the tie-breaker, but the Portugese team needed at least four goals and a German win to qualify.

The two teams were really great in today’s match, but also happened to belong in highly-competitive teams, together with USA and Germany. The two other teams continued on the tournament, while Portugal and Ghana would just rely on the next times for now.

“We tried to do our best at this tournament, but we weren’t able to. Today was a must-win game and we won it. We created a lot of chances. We knew that if Germany were to win by a goal [versus USA] we needed to score four, and we created enough to have done that. The feeling we’re left with is that it could have been done, because we created enough chances. We leave here with our heads held high,” said Ronaldo with conviction.

Likewise, Ghana also seemed like they have accepted the result of the game wholeheartedly. James Kwesi Appiah, the coach said:

“The disciplinary incidents of the past few days didn’t have any impact on our performance. I think that, if you compare it with the team we had at the 2010 World Cup, this side is quite a lot younger – in that team we’d had players who’d been preparing for years. But we’re growing in confidence and we’re building a nice team for the future.”

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