Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Uruguay’s Suarez Bites Italy’s Chielleni, Faces Long Shameless Ban after La Celeste Qualify for Round of 16

Luis Suarez, Uruguay’s top scorer still managed to get himself into the headline without scoring for the match against Italy.

Uruguay’s win against Italy at 1-0 is a dramatic moment, but nothing could beat Suarez’s action in the field.

He bit someone. And it is pretty serious, as he is now facing a possible 24-match ban.

The match continually looked like it was going to end with a goalless draw, but within the 79 minute of the game, the South Americans looked desperate, especially Liverpool’s number one.

Suarez was chasing the ball head to head with Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, and it looked like he forgot to close his mouth while he was so engrossed in the dash. At first it looked like Suarez had head- butt Chiellini, but moments after, the two came rolling on the ground. The Italian was grasping his shoulder, while the Uruguayan held his teeth.

Chiellini was so enraged with the accident, and tried to show the bite mark to everyone by pulling the neck of his shirt down. It looks real at his left shoulder. The still photographs show that it really is a bite mark, and a deadly one.

The Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez who was nicknamed (wait for it) Dracula, took no action of the said offense, as he did not see that moment exactly.

On the other hand, FIFA feels like this is a serious offense and have decided to investigate against Suarez.

If the Uruguayan is proven guilty, he can be in for a massive ban that also cover international club games. In World Cup history, the longest had been an eight-match ban on Italy’s Mario Tassotti in 1994. He was proven guilty of breaking Spain’s Luis Enrique’s nose with his elbow.

“It is clear-cut. Then there was the obvious dive afterwards because he knew very well that he did something that he shouldn’t have done,” said Chiellini.

Suárez defended himself against Chiellini. “These situations happen on the field,” he said. “I had contact with his shoulder, chest against shoulder and I got a knock to the eye – nothing more.”

However, FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce disagreed. “I have watched the incident several times on television,” he said. “There is no doubt Luis Suárez is a fantastic footballer but, once again, his actions have left him open to severe criticism.”

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