Brazil World Cup 2014 News: Uruguay’s Unstoppable Suarez Could Vanquish England; Dominates Match at 2-1

Luis Suarez, Uruguay’s forward, recently back from a knee injury, scored twice today to give his team a 2-1 win against England, who are now in danger of elimination from the World Cup because of their unconvincing losses lately.

The two teams’ line ups were almost identical with what they used during their losses against Italy and Costa Rica.

For England, Coach Roy Hodgson arranged that: there was Joe Hart for goal keeping, and Wayne Rooney with Daniel Sturridge for defending.

Though it was England’s Rooney who put the mood in the game, Suarez kept up consistently with his momentum every time.

And, with just six minutes left on the first half, the magic man Suarez manages to trick the goalkeeper Hart. He raced on a loose ball and took an unstoppable shot across the net.

England tried to fight back as early as they can, but only manages to equalize the game after seventy-five minutes of failed attempts against Fernando Muslera’s excellent guarding at the goal.

The Rooney- Strurridge tried to score, but ultimately denied by Muslera. Leighton Baines, English forward, also tried to shoot but, again, denied by the goalkeeper.

Fifteen minutes left on the clock, when all hopes were almost gone, a cunning Rodney was able to deliver a Glen Johnson cross into the goal.

But neither clearly refused to let the game end in a draw.

With five minutes left on the clock, Suarez succeeds to make another goal for the win. The ball from Muslera’s kicked stumbled its way upon the Liverpool champion and Suarez seized the moment. He ran past a stunned England team, and fired the ball upon a helpless Hart.

Though Uruguay previously lost against Costa Rica, Suarez’s superb skills at play definitely put up the team’s hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16. England’s fate, on the other hand, also relies on the other team’s performances.

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