Brazil World Cup 2014 Predictions: Brazil vs. Cameroon Match Preview; Selecao Fights for Top Spot, Lions Strive for Best Last Impression

Brazil is already in the Knockout Round of 16, but of course, would not settle for less than first place in the Group A rankings.

On the other hand, Cameroon has already been eliminated from the tournament, so this will be their last game to prove themselves in front of the World Cup scene.

Brazil’s performance lately has not been that impressive, but it has sufficed incredulously. Their first victory against Croatia, which ended in 3-1 seemed like dirty play, while in the goalless draw with Mexico, the hosts look helpless, and Guillermo Ochoa of the El Tri looked like the master player of the play called, ‘How to make Brazil feel stupid.’

Nevertheless, the team is perceived to perform better now that their coach Luiz Felipe Scolari announced that their great defender Hulk is fully healed, and ready to fight again.

The Cameroons should also watch out for other player such as David Luiz, Bernard, Fred, Jo, Thiago Silva, and most definitely, Neymar.

“With each game that goes by we are evolving in different respects, but people start to have doubts when you don’t get a victory to go along with that evolution,” said Thiago Silva. “We stayed calm, even at times when we were suffering.”

“I can definitely sense them getting more and more on our side, come what may,” said the Brazilian star player Neymar.

“Everyone is coming along to support us, right till the end, and it’s been that way for a while now. Just like our style of play, it’s become a hallmark of the team.”

On the other hand, Cameroon looks as if their only objective for this match is to ruin Brazil’s day. They looked like a team with potential, but so many issues regarding their defences keep clouding up their image.

Alex Song was recently suspended for hitting a Croatian player’s back with his elbow. So, there goes a player who may have stood a chance against Brazil.

Most fans are predicting a score of 3-1 in favour of Brazil. The Brazilians will not let down their supporters, while the Cameroon really have nothing to celebrate about even if they win this match.

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