Brazil World Cup 2014 Predictions: Honduras vs. Ecuador Match Preview; Rueda’s Men ‘Recovered’, Enough to Beat Honduras

Though both Honduras and Ecuador are fresh from defeats with their respective matches between France and Switzerland, the two are still in the running for a spot in the Knockout Round of 16, and the victor from this match has the higher chances.

The Ecuador has the higher chances to win this match, too. Their slim loss against Switzerland was a lucky shot by the Swiss. In fact, the match was leading into a draw, but the opponent managed to make a goal just a few breaths away from the second half’s final bell.

Ecuador coach Reinaldo Rueda said that his team is ready to bounce back into the game, and has enough to take on Honduras.

“I think that we must not change anything,” he said, talking about their campaign opener against the Swiss. “I believe Ecuador played a good game against Switzerland. The situation that we lost in the last seconds does not take away from that reality.”

“That’s the way this profession and these very short tournaments go, knowing that in 72 hours they have to recover.”

On the other hand, Honduras’ game with France was rather the opposite. They were totally defeated by the Europeans at 3-0. They did not even had the chance to score.

Also, the Los Catrachos are incomplete because midfielder Wilson Palacios’ early dismissal from the field. They are expected to line up the same players, too from their French match.

Ironically, Rueda used to coach Honduras into its baby steps into the World Cup. And Luis Fernando Suarez, current Honduras coach, also coached Ecuador before.

Ecuador, who were snatched from victory by the Swiss, are more likely to win this game at 2-0. Being said that they have more quality performance than Honduras, and are hungry for a much-deserved win, they will show no mercy to the Catrachos. They might even have the chance to represent Group E for the Round of 16.

The Honduras’ tactics which is likened to bullying will not match up to the Ecuadorians’ performance.

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