Brazil World Cup 2014 Predictions: Italy vs. Costa Rica Match Preview; Italian Wins Outweigh Los Tico’s Moxie

In this Group D clash, a winner versus winner game is on.

Both Italy and Costa Rica had a great jumpstart to kick off their World Cup campaign with their openers between England and Uruguay respectively. Now, it is their chance to grab the top spot in the Group of Death. Who will take their game to the next level, and who will have to wait for another chance at the gold?

Costa Rica played greatly during their Uruguay match, though their opponent led the game until the half time. In the second half, it was Joel Campbell who levelled up the game and scored for the team. Two more goals from Oscar Duarte and Marco Ureña saved the day at 3-1.

However, it would be observed that Luis Suarez, Uruguay star player is missing from the match. It would be an interesting note on how would the Los Ticos handle another world class striker, Italian Mario Balotelli for the match.

Also, history tells us that Costa Rica has never accomplished double successive games at the World Cup, but have scored in all of their games against their European opponents in the World Cup.

On the other hand, the Italy vs. England game was a great spectacle of performances from both sides. Claudio Marchisio scored first for Italy, but England topped it within two minutes. But with just five minutes after the second half, Balotelli answered back a winning goal for the team.

Moreover, Italy’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Baffon was absent from the game because of a sprained ankle. Currently, there is no news yet if the Mario and Luigi (Balotelli and Baffon) tandem would team up for this upcoming match. In the meantime, Costa Rica will be safe to assume that Salavtore Sirigu will goal keep for their match.

Italy had their best passing completion rate during their opener for Brazil 2014, at 93%. They have never been scoreless in their last 15 World Cup matches. They are also four-time World Cup champions.

The two teams have just met once in a previous friendly in 1994, where the game ended in a 1-0, in favour of Italy.

Most are rooting for an Italian win once again, at 2-0. Their rich background and extensive knowledge and technique in the World Cup will have no match against the Los Ticos. Costa Rica may be put at third place in the group standings.

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