Brazil World Cup 2014 Predictions: Switzerland vs. France Match Preview; Swiss Imports Anticipate a Blow from Les Bleus

Again, another two victors clash for the gold.

While the Switzerland and France both won their campaign openers for the World Cup, the sole winner of this game is almost guaranteed a slot from the Group E’s representatives to the Round of 16.

The Swiss men’s last game between Ecuador is undeniably amusing. However, the game looked so much more like a draw, ninety-nine percent of the time. Haris Seferovic pulled off a late goal with just a few seconds left on the clock. It caused a lead in the score, and ultimately, a miracle win against Ecuador at 2-1.

Switzerland’s Admir Mehmedi also contributed much on Ecuador’s worries for that match. Also, another player to watch out for is Ricardo Rodriguez. He is fast, first, and has craft in his play. Switzerland’s crosses, in fact, are one of their strengths.

However, the Swiss quite lacks on guarding the goal, which Diego Banaglio should take care of, and improve on greatly.

On the other hand, the French team totally dominated their first game against Honduras, which ended in a ruthless 3-0. As usual, the Les Bleus performed spectacularly on the field, against the big boys of Honduras.

Karim Benzema, France’s star striker, goaled two times on both halves, but the other one was a goalkeeping mistake. Antoine Griezmann is also a great scorer for the team, as he delivered 16 La Liga goals in the ’13-’14 season.

Though Switzerland’s FIFA World ranking is higher than France’s by 11 places (Switzerland is at No. 6, while France is at No. 17), it cannot be denied that the Les Bleus has the advantage for this match. Their impeccable World Cup performances would be of proof to that.

France and Switzerland have faced each other 36 times at different events. France won 15 out of that, and the Swiss, 12. The other 9 had been draws.

However, their last meeting at the 2006 World Cup had ended in a goalless draw.

With these stats, fans are rooting for a French win at 3-1, maybe less. If the Swiss would ever score, it would be a calculated miracle. The French is more than ever motivated to get into the next round, so props for that, too.

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