Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Chile Beats Australia 3-1! South Americans Spark The Game With A Two-Goal Start

The South Americans dominate Australians as they finish off the game in Group B 3-1, thanks to Sanchez and Valdivia’s successive goals.

Chile is currently eyeing a match against Netherlands, who crushed Spain in a devastating 5 – 1 game. Steve Douglas of ABC News quotes: “They have a superlative history in (major tournaments) … I don’t think it will be a defeat that defines the path of the Spanish team,” said Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli, whose side drew 2-2 with Spain in a friendly last year. “It will certainly be an electrifying game.”

Early in the game, Sanchez hits a goal on the 12 -minute mark, quickly followed up by a fiery Valdivia, bringing it to a 2-0 game.

“Early on, we were probably just overawed by the whole thing,” Australia coach Ange Postecoglou said in ABC News. “In the end, we gave away a two-goal start and that’s what killed us.”

Australia had a relatively low possession rate (roughly 38%) compared to Chile (62%); however, Cahill boosts their morale as the team finally lands a goal on the 35

-minute mark. Australians celebrated for a moment, until Cahill gets a yellow card from a sloppy free kick during the 44 -minute mark.

The team was almost close on evening the score on 2-2, but Cahill’s attempt on the 53

-minute mark was disallowed by the referee. Furthermore, Australia encounters a close call as Leckzie aims for Cahill’s head but lads on Bresciano’s left peg instead, but was thwarted by Bravo.

Beausejour further ensures victory for the Chileans by scoring another goal on the 92

-minute mark, ending the game to a crashing defeat against Australia 3-1.

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