Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Chile Defeats Spain 2 – 0! Former World Champion Eliminated

Chile triumphs over Spain 2 – 0 at Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho in Rio De Janeiro Wednesday, eliminating the former world champions even before the final matches of Group B begins.

Spain was previously thrashed by Netherlands 5 – 1 last Friday at Arena Fonte Nova. Their match against Chile, who recently defeated Australia 3 – 1, would have been their sole chance to redeem their title in the tournament.

Chile struck hard and fast during the first half of the match. Eduardo Vargas immediately scored during the 20 – minute mark with a right-footed shot along with Charles Aranguiz.

A few minutes later, Charles Aranguiz manages to gain another point for the South Americans with a neatly-placed right-footed shot directed towards the center of the goal, bringing the game to a 2 – 0 on the 43 – minute mark of the match.

The Spaniards were sluggish during the second half of the match, as the team “needs a big spade to dig itself out of this hole now,” as described by an article in The New York Times. Despite a higher possession rate in the game (56%), Spain was unable to equalize the match as Chile consistently fought back with star players Alexis Sanchez and Charles Aranguiz.

According to a report in BBC Sports, it was the South Americans’ first victory against the former world champion in 11 matches.

BBC Sports further quotes Rio Ferdinand: “Chile didn’t give them a second’s peace. It was almost Premier League-like. It was side-ways, slow football from Spain.”

Clarence Seedorf further adds, “For Spain, there’s been some bad choices. They just didn’t combine well and you could see them struggle.”

Chile will soon be pitted Netherlands, who thrashed their opponents 5 – 1, at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo while Spain faces Australia at Arena de Baixada in Curitiba. Both matches will be played on June 23, Monday.

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