Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Costa Rica Fights Back Against Uruguay 3-1! Underdog Team Catches Up

Costa Rica fought back against Uruguay, winning 3 – 1 Saturday despite the latter team’s early lead in the game.

Stuck with former world champions England, Italy, and Uruguay in the same division, the underdog team fights back and proves what Costa Rica has.

Uruguay scored after a penalty kick after Cavani’s right footed strike on the bottom corner on the 24 – minute mark. The team had a higher possession rate (56%) compared to Costa Rica; however, the early lead does not dishearten the underdog team and fights back on the second half of the match.

Costa Rica was revved up after the break – Campbell ties the game with a well-placed left footed shot towards the center during the 54

-minute mark, which was immediately followed by an effort between Bolaños and Duarte barely two minutes after Costa Rica tied the game.

A note from Costa Rica coach Jorge Luis Pinto in The New York Times states: “What counted is that we stayed calm and kept creating opportunities against a very tough team.”

“We have great respect for Uruguay, but we weren’t that impressed tonight.”

The underdog team later tops down the former champion on the 84 – minute mark with Campbell assisting Ureña, hitting Uruguay with a well-placed right footed shot from a tight corner.

“In the second half they just took over – and they took the tactical advantage,” Uruguay Coach Óscar Tabárez said The New York Times. “Football means that sometimes you have to lose. You can’t lose heart; you just have to improve.” 

Uruguay is the highest-ranked team in Group D, and will be facing England in the next game Thursday.

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