Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: France Dominates Switzerland 5 – 2! Swiss Struggle Against French Onslaught

France dominates Switzerland, winning 5 – 2 at Arena Fonta Nova in Salvador Friday, with five of its goals coming from five different players – Giroud, Matuidi, Valbuena, Benzema, and Sissoko.

France blitzes with five solid points even before Switzerland could catch up, owing to an aggressive play and constant pressure against Swiss players.

Olivier Giroud strikes with a header early in the first half, taking a lead for France on the 17 – minute mark of the match which was immediately followed with a left-footed strike from Blaise Matuidi barely a minute after France took the lead.

France scores once again just before the end of the first half, with Mathieu Valbuena taking a cross from Giroud, striking and scoring on the 40 – minute mark of the match.

Karim Benzema adds another point for the team as he buries a right-footed shot on the 67 – minute mark.

France continues its assault on Switzerland as it scores another goal on the 73 – minute mark of the match when Moussa Sissoko attacks with a right-footed shot.

However, Switzerland was not ready to give up yet as the team manages to fight back despite the French onslaught as Blerim Dzemaili scores on the 81 – minute mark from a free kick.

Granit Xhaka makes a follow-up for Swtizerland, as he buries a goal on the 87 – minute mark.

Nevertheless, it was too late for Switzerland as they failed to keep up with France’s continuous assaults.

France manager Didier Deschamps comments on the match at BBC Sports: “I don’t want to put a brake on the enthusiasm.” He further adds, “It’s a huge satisfaction within the team but we’re not going to get carried away.”

“We shouldn’t think we’re prettier than we are.”

On the other hand, Ottmar Hitzfield of Switzerland commends France’s play in the match: “”It was truly a very bleak day for us.” He adds, “Of course there will be a lot of criticism, quite appropriately, but the team will come together.”

“France are one of the teams that certainly can go very far in this tournament. They were much superior to England or Italy,” Hitzfield tells BBC Sports.

France will be pitted against Ecuador at Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho in Rio De Janeiro on Wednesday, while Switzerland matches up with Honduras at Arena Amazonia in Manaus. Both matches will be played on Wednesday, June 25.

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