Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: France Grabs Easy Victory Over Honduras 3 – 0! Suarez Reluctant Over Own Goal

France grabs an easy victory over Honduras 3 – 0 in Group E’s match Sunday at Estadio Beira-Rio, with Benzema securing two decisive goals for the team.

Karim Benzema easily scores a penalty kick awarded during the 43 – minute mark giving France the initial lead 1 – 0.

Honduras had a hard time as they played the match with 10 players as Palacios was dropped off the game. A yellow card was awarded due to a midfield clash with Pogba, and another one after Palacios tussles him and retaliates by “rashly flicking a leg out,” as David Bowers reports in SkySports.

France further increases its advantage over Honduras as they score another goal during the early minutes of the second half of the match as Benzema’s close strike from the left bounced off the right post, and hits keeper Valladares, giving away an own-goal during the 48 – minute mark.

Luis Fernando Suarez, Honduras’ manager, was reluctant after referee Sandro Ricci awarded France a score. He quotes at a report in CBC News: “Well, I wasn’t angry because they accepted the goal. I was angry because they didn’t accept the goal. The first decision was ‘No goal’ and then the machine said it was a goal,” Suarez said through a translator.

“So I don’t know what to think. That’s the point. If the technology sends a clear message, then I don’t understand how the system can say it’s a goal first and then ‘No goal.’ What is the truth?”​

Benzema adds another score for France during the 72 – minute mark with a close-range shot from the right side, securing their victory and putting them to the top of Group E thanks to a higher goal difference.

Switzerland, who won 2 – 1 against Ecuador, will face France Friday in Salvador.

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