Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Germany Thrashes Portugal 4 – 0! Muller Scores 3 Points For Team

Germany thrashes Portugal 4 – 0 on Group G’s match Monday at Arena Fonte Nova, owing three of the team’s goals to superstar Thomas Muller.

The match between the two teams was expected to be a superstar battle as two star players, Thomas Muller of Germany and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. CBS Sports notes a statement from ESPN before the match begins, “The Superpower versus the Superstar.”

Ronaldo played well during the early minutes of the game, as he attempts to score points for Portugal; however, these were easily thwarted by Germany.

Germany takes the initial lead after a penalty kick was awarded to Muller, easily scoring a point for the team during the 12 – minute mark.

Mats Hummels adds another point of the team, after a header was delivered from a corner strike.

Portugal got into deeper trouble as Pepe was given a red card after head butting Muller during the 37 – minute mark when he accidentally slipped after making contact. The Guardian notes Muller: “I wasn’t provoking him.”

“It was the referee’s decision to send him off, but I though his entire action was unnecessary.”

However, Muller keeps his composure, and even manages to score another point for Germany during the 45 – minute mark, increasing the team’s score to a 3 – 0 before the first half of the game ends.

Muller further adds another point for Germany during the 78 – minute mark with his signature hat-trick through a cross by Schurrle, making him the team’s top scorer of the game.

David Ornstein of BBC Sports quotes Muller’s play in the game: “I’ve been involved in the last three major tournaments so I’m used to the pressure.”

“But to score three goals in one game – that’s pretty amazing, and the goals just got better and better. It’s fantastic, but the merit also goes to the rest of the team.”

Germany will soon face Ghana, who was defeated by USA 2 – 1, at Estadio Castelao on Saturday.

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